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Malankara Church News (OVS)
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Orthodox Vishwasa Samrakshakan is a group of people who are strong followers of Malankara Orthodox Church which is founded by Saint Thomas, and loyal to the Catholicate of the East.
It’s an organization of comrades who put the Church above anything else and think and work for it as birds of a feather. The members would work on different issues which the Church face without any prejudice, political influence with one mind set of empowering the Church and use their own skills, ideas and influences for the same. It’s prime objective is to stand tall against those who harm, dishonor, deny justice or mocker the faith and traditions of the Holy Church.

OVS don’t have any politics or political agenda. Whatever decision taken by OVS would be for the good being of the Church and taken together by all members. All the members in OVS respect each other and zen percent loyal to the Holy Malankara Orthodox Church and capable of sorting out any differences within internally itself. OVS take clear stands on any issue that come up in the Church. We have made ourselves responsible to discuss all such matters and do whatever we can for the wellness of the Holy Church.

Our website ovsonline.in is made spread the Church news and other articles promptly to the Church members and others. This app would enable you to get instant notifications on any news or new article in OVS and stay updated. Please provide your valuable suggestions about the design and contents of this application and the website so that we can improve continuously and server our Church better.

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