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3rdDegree: Date & Couple Conversations
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The pandemic forced us all to change how we live our lives and to think about what’s most important: the need and desire for a deeper connection with someone.

Singles need help connecting during actual dates (because this is where dating apps fail) and couples need help starting conversations beyond work, finances, schedules and kids. So how do you form a connection and maintain it?

For singles or couples looking to have more meaningful conversations on dates or in the comfort of their own home, 3rdDegree is the ice-breaking game that facilitates new levels of open communication by building connections one conversation at a time.

It’s a connection building app that takes honesty and vulnerability to create high quality conversations. It encourages face to face communication to build a connection between two people, by asking the questions we all want to know. Through game-like quizzes that score you based on your effort to open up, you will find out new, fun tidbits about your person. With questions that foster a deeper connection to help reveal the true essence of a person, singles can see if they truly are a good match beyond surface level. Meanwhile, couples are motivated by the delight in unexpected discoveries of one another.

“What’s the one concert you attended that you hope that no one ever finds out about?”
“What are some of your personal rules you never break?”
“How do you handle deadlines or pressure at work?”
“In your opinion, what is the biggest sign of weakness in a person?”
“What’s the most legit fear you have?”
“What are the top 3 things you value most in a person?”
“What would you do if your parents didn’t like your partner?”

- Invite your person to join you in getting to know each other beyond skin deep.
- You can choose which relationship level you’re currently at so that you can dig deeper with your person at your own pace.
- Multiple categories that cover several areas of your life.- With each category having 50-200+ questions, you can play the same category multiple times.
- Each person is graded based on their effort to open up.
- Winner gets to choose to schedule another date/quiz.
- Didn’t get to finish the quiz? You can choose to save the quiz and continue later.
- Premium feature can be bought for $1.99. Premium feature includes ad-free experience, access to additional features.

Pick your relationship level and then pick a category!
Relationship Level 1: Just Getting Started - The Basics: The basic questions we all want to know.
- It’s Not a Habit, It’s a Hobby: Find out your date’s hobbies and interests.
- I Know What I Want: Well, it’s pretty simple: See if you are what your date is looking for.
- Current Events: Your chance to find out what your date really thinks about current events.

Relationship Level 2: I Like Where This Is Going
- The Water Cooler: What is their work ethic like? Find out their career goals and aspirations or whether or not they habitually hop between jobs.
- One in Every Family: Need to know which family member and topics to avoid at family functions? Find out the details on your person's childhood and family members.
- Normal is Overrated: Some see weird, others see unique. Some call them quirks, others call them pet peeves.

Relationship Level 3: In It for the Long Haul
- Up in My Feels: These questions will compel you to express your feelings. Approach these questions with sensitivity and sincerity. Remember, vulnerability is sexy.
- Little Red Flags: Wouldn’t you rather get those deal breakers out on the table now? If your date does not try this category, there’s your first red flag!
- The Hot Debate: The two topics that get people worked up the most: politics and religion.

Download the app today and dig deeper with 3rdDegree!

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LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/company/3rddegree-app
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/3rddegree-App-101343991666066
Web: https://www.3rddegreeapp.co
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