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Pluma RSS Reader
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Pluma is a free RSS reader with modern UI design and user experience best suited for modern devices. Pluma RSS reader let's you subscriber to a wide range of RSS feeds which you can select either from predefined categories or search your favorite RSS feeds by name.

Pluma RSS reader also allows you to subscribe to a Google News topic which essentially enables you to get notified almost instantly whenever a news article about a topic in which you are inserted is published anywhere on the internet.

Pluma RSS reader also has following features:

⦿ Read Later List

Pluma RSS reader allows you to add news articles to a read later list for easier access when you are free to catch up to latest news.

You can also configure any individual subscription so that all new news articles are automatically added to the read later list.

⦿ RSS Search

Interested in a news topic but can’t find it in predefined categories? Just use builtin RSS search feature to find whatever you are looking for.

⦿ Favorite RSS Feeds

You can also add your favorite RSS feeds to a separate list for easier access which are displayed on home page.
Tip: To remove any of your favorite RSS feed long press on it on home page.

⦿ Top News Stories

Pluma RSS reader also shows you top 10 trending news stories you can stay informed about latest happenings.

⦿ Favorite News Stories

Pluma RSS reader also let's you add your favorite news stories to a separate list so you can access them whenever you want.

⦿ Mute Notifications

Have a ton of RSS feeds subscribed but don't want to get notified about all of them? Pluma RSS reader allows you to mute notifications on per RSS feed basis.

⦿ Manual RSS Feed

Can't find the RSS feed you are looking for in predefind categories or using search? Pluma RSS reader allows you to add a custom RSS feed using a link.

⦿ Keyword Filter

Don’t want to see a news article containing certain keyword? Pluma RSS reader allows you to block keywords or only allow certain keywords in a news article which means Pluma RSS reader will filter out everything else and only show you the news articles which contain your allowed keywords.

Other Features:
⦿ Dark Mode
⦿ Black Mode to save battery on devices having AMOLED screens.
⦿ Block Images
⦿ Automatic cache cleanup.
⦿ OPML import / OPML export
⦿ Theme Customizations
⦿ Automatic Refresh
⦿ Option to fetch full news stories automatically.
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