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Engel & Völkers Property Search
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Property search with Engel & Völkers!

Use our app to easily find yourself a dream home, office space or holiday home!

Are you searching for your personal dream property? The free Engel & Völkers property search app is the fastest and easiest way to find yourself a new property. Draw on our portfolio of more than 70,000 residential properties, commercial properties, luxury properties and yachts. The Engel & Völkers app has many features that will help you find your dream property in no time.

These features make searching for property at Engel & Völkers very easy:
Access the entire Engel & Völkers portfolio of real estate and yachts.
Search for a particular location
Set up a personal watch list of favourites
Create individual search requests and receive information about suitable new properties as soon as they are listed.
Use the Engel & Völkers property search to charter a yacht
Contact our real estate agents directly

Engel & Völkers - your worldwide property search partner:

Buying or renting a new property is always an emotional process. And buying a yacht is a challenge that requires specialist knowledge. Engel & Völkers has many years of experience and extensive know-how in the real estate sector. More than 8,000 real estate agents are at your service, providing expert advice and local know-how. Together we will find your dream property.

Receive the extensive range of Engel & Völkers property listings on your mobile phone:
Search for residential properties for purchase and rent - houses, apartments as well as vacant land
Are you searching for commercial property? E&V offers a wide range of commercial properties in all sizes, for purchase and rent - be it vacant land, residential and commercial buildings, hotels, office space or retail space!
Luxury real estate and holiday properties in prime locations
Draw on our extensive selection of yachts, sail boats and motor boats, for purchase and charter
Historic properties have a special charm. At E&V you will find castles, palaces, historic châteaus and restored mansions!

With E&V, your options are virtually unlimited. We are represented in 700 locations - and will help you find your dream property anywhere in the world.
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