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Smart TV Remote for All – Universal Remote Control
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Are you finding a remote control anywhere? Let us resolve this issue! Presenting Smart TV Remote for All a universal app which helps to control all smart TVs and devices from your android phone. Navigate on your television using best remote app, play/pause/stop videos and send files to tour smart TV.

Turn your smart phone to controller using WIFI or IR of your mobile. TV remote app is very simple and easy to use. Now control your TV and many more with Universal remote control application. This universal TV remote app supports almost all brands of TVs to provide better user experience. Do not need to download TV remote apps separately, just download this universal TV remote app to control all devices and so we can call it as all-in-one controller. Make sure that your phone and TV are connected to same WIFI network.

Universal app to control all devices.
It supports all brands of TV.
User can Turn ON/OFF your smart TV.
Increase and decrease volume with single tap.
Share files from android phone to smart TV.
No sign up, just single tap to connect.

Remote control for TV supported brands includes: Samsung, Sony, Gree, Kenwood, Panasonic, TCL, Haier, LG, EcoStar, Toshiba, Orient, Philips, Xiaomi, Changhong Ruba and many more.

How To Use :
1. Download TV remote app
2. Install it and then open the application
3. Select the device like TV, Ac, AVR, Set Top Box, and Camera etc.
4. Select the brand from the list
5. Choose remote for required device
6. Tap on the button in front of your device
7. Finish! Remote control is ready.

Important :
This TV remote app requires to have IR blaster, you should have infrared sensor in your mobile phone.
If your smartphone do not have IR sensor then it also works over WIFI.
If you found any issue or Smart TV Remote for All is not working properly, please drop an email. So we can resolve issue for you as soon as possible.
Download and try this Smart TV Remote for All. Thank you!
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