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pure vibrator - A strong, simple, easy to use vibe
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We are proud to introduce Pure– A simple intense muscle massage vibrator that does exactly what you want, constant pure vibration.

Pure Vibrator is a therapeutic vibrating massage app that you can take with you wherever you go. This vibrator app provides a constant vibration sensation from your device, with the use of a simple button. Use it to massage sore muscles.

Vibration Modes To Sooth
You have 5 intense vibrator modes to choose from

Infinite Vibrator
This is a constant, simple, no fuss strong vibrator that allows you to focus on the area that needs hands free constant vibration.

Blast Off Vibrations
This vibrating pattern starts off with a low tingle & builds in intensity, before calming for a moment only to start again.

NEW Random Shuffle
Not sure what you want let Pure Vibrator make up something for you.

Lapping Waves Vibrator
Drift away with this delicate lapping & pulsing vibration mode, enjoy the simple vibration pulses to help soothe you.

My Mood
The most flexible vibration massage setting this allows you to really target the source of pain with some vibration massage therapy.

Lock The Controls
Don't want to accidentally switch off vibration? Lock all the controls & hide the Android system so your vibrating therapy does not get disturbed.

Vibrator simulation - What needs soothing?
Help with muscle pain, hit the gym hard help those sore muscles after your workout.
Also vibration works to soothe arthritis pain.
Vibration can help reduce menstrual cramps & period pain.

We are always looking to improve our apps, so please leave comments with suggestions on things we can add to make it better! Or please email us at zest-studio@outlook.com We update often based on feedback so please get in touch.

Who is this for?
This is a vibrator app for girls, boys, men & women it is a unisex product. Who ever you are this app will get you vibrating.

Please Note
Vibration results may vary based on device. Device will determine the strength of the vibration. Some devices may not support this feature at all.

The continued use of this application could affect the vibrating hardware of the device, as well as the battery life, consult your devices operation manual before use.

This vibration application is not a substitute for professional massage equipment. Always seek any and all necessary professional medical advice before starting any self proscribed medical treatment.

Calming vibration waves
Our Pure Vibrator App can be used in conjunction with other holistic therapy to help:-
Relax and decrease stress after a long day.
Help calm your before sleep.
Use your phone in different meditation techniques.

Your look
We have two styles to suit your look, sleek, black "Anthracite" & calm, relaxed "Rose Pink" so customise your massage vibrator.

Test or Testing
Not sure if your phones vibrator is working at all or working properly?
Test your vibrate function with this app.

Girls Guys, Men & Women download for free to get started with this brand new vibration massager for 2020.
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