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Bird Calls Xeno
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Bird Calls Xeno is a free app which connects to Xeno-Canto for you to search, listen and download bird calls for offline playback. The app has been designed by birders for birders!


Why use Bird Calls Xeno for your bird sounds and bird calls needs?

1: Search bird call by English & scientific name. You can search not only by english names but also by scientific names. The app will also start showing you results when you start typing the genus like Phylloscopus. This helps you to select from that specific genus.

2: Play bird calls sorted by rating.All bird calls are sorted by ratings so that you have Rating “A” calls at the top to play. This helps you to quickly get the best quality calls to hear without going through the entire search list.

3: Filter search. Filter by Country, rating and type when a search is executed for a bird call. This helps to filter searches to a country when you are visiting a specific country and want to only hear calls recorded in that country.

4: Offline calls. You can download individual calls and they can be found under the offline section under the menu. Access offline calls via a shortcut icon placed at the top-right of the main screen.

5: Sort offline calls alphabetically and added recently.

6: See previous searches in the main screen, allowing you to quickly search for a bird name

This bird call app is free and we plan to keep it free until the end of time or until we go bankrupt(hopefully not!). In case you want additional features, reach out to me through the contact us form in the side menu of the app and I would be happy to talk more on improving the app.

Bird Calls Xeno. With Love.

Give us some LOVE! If you like the app, please post a rating and feedback! Made this app with a lot of love and hard work!

Note that we are not affiliated with Xeno-Canto and this is NOT their official app. This is an app that connects to the world's largest open-source database for bird calls, Xeno-Canto to search, play and download bird calls offline for playback.

App created for research and education. Any usage governed by local laws of the land. Please check before use.
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2020년 03월 22일
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Suhas Chitade
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