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Gasoline and Diesel Spain
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Gasoline and Diesel Spain allows you to find the filling stations in Spain with the best prices in all types of fuels: Gasolina 95, Gasolina 95 No de Protección, Gasolina 98, Diesel, Diesel Mejorado, Gasóleo B, Gasóleo C, Biodiesel, Bioetanol, GLP and GNC.

We initially show you the best prices of Gasolina 95 in a 10 km radius, but you can customize everything you need. Just simply open the lateral panel and choose between the following options:

- Show the filling stations in a list or display them in a map.
- Automatic or manual location: Get the prices around your current position or type a custom address.
- You can also specify a route and show all the filling stations along the way!
- Sort the results by price or by distance to the selected location.
- Choose the maximum distance to the filling stations, from 1 to 200 km (some values require supporting the app through subscription).
- Show all the filling stations or only those brands that you care about.
- Enter any discounts you may have for each brand and the prices will update automatically.
- Tap a filling station on the list to expand its details.
- View the historical of fuel prices for a given filling station.
- You can find more customization options in the Settings.

The prices we show are directly taken from the web of the Ministry of Industry, Energy and Tourism, and we do not have control over them. We make our best efforts to detect the changes in the prices and reflect them in the app as soon as possible. However, the filling stations and the wholesalers are the ones responsible for keeping the data correct and up to date.

Permissions used
- Google Play billing service (In-app purchases): We offer subscriptions for those who want to support the app and enjoy it without the ad banner. Any payment requires your explicit consent through the Google Play billing service dialogs. No payment is required to use the app.
- create accounts and set passwords: The app creates and account for its own use for syncing data with our servers. No other accounts are accessed in any way.
- approximate location (network-based) and precise location (GPS and network-based): We use the location services that you have enabled on your device to know where you are and display the filling stations around you.
- create accounts and set passwords: The app creates and account for its own use for syncing data with our servers. No other accounts are accessed in any way.
- read Google service configuration: We depend on Google provided services for analytics, maps and location functionality.
- full network access and view network connections: We need an internet connection for downloading prices and descriptions data and to determine manual locations and routes.
- run at startup: When you turn on your device we register a background service to download data over Wi-Fi in advance so when you open the app everything is ready to go.
- control vibration: We may use notifications that include vibration only when there is very important info to show.
- read sync settings and toggle sync on and off: The synchronization that we perform with the app account requires this permissions to be able to update the app data.
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