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Peace: Calm, Sleep, Meditation
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PEACE - most popular app for meditation now. Are you getting tired of endless daily routines? Are you bothered by anxiety and even can’t sleep well? Need some relaxing sound when you sleep? Need to get out of depression? Come and download PEACE. It provides a vast database of masters' meditation courses for starters as well as advanced meditators to help you to relax yourself and calm down. And you’ll get access to a whole new world with our app.

????we can provide????

- 200+ meditation courses ❤️
We have different courses for different people. Everyone can find courses that satisfy his needs. And the amount of courses will keep updating. All of these courses can help you save different problems in your life and make you get relaxed.

- Guided meditation audios produced by professional coaches ????????‍????
We’ve invited professional teachers from different countries to help us to finish our meditation courses, which makes our courses to be more practical.

- Various specific topics and targeted courses ????
Which means that you can chose courses based on your mood and based on your troubles. We have not only courses anti-stress, but also courses of meditation for relationships. You can find solutions for all of your issues.

- Mindfulness skills such as Visualization and Body-Scan
Body-Scan is a very important method to start meditation. And we will give you some advice about how to calm down as quickly as possible.

- White noise mode ????
There are some people that need some relaxing sound around to fall asleep. This mode will create ambiences better for them to relieve stress and sleep well.

- Sleep Stories ????
Need to read something before sleep but be tired of using your eyes? We will provide you some stories meaningful and you can ’read‘ them with your ears. It will be easy for you to calm down quickly and become sleepy with this function of our app.

????Benefits you can get????
- Relax yourself
- Find inner-peace
- Improve your concentration
- Improve your productivity
- Bring mindfulness meditation into your daily life
- Relieve stress
- Drive away loneliness
- Drive away insomnia and sleep better
- Drive away depression
- Sleep stories to calm down before sleep
- Drive away stress and anxiety
- Enhance the relationship with your families and friends
- Get a healthier lifestyle

In order to settle different situations in our life, we’ve designed a diversity of courses.

⭐️Topics include ⭐️

???? Series
- Basic (for starters, 25 sessions in total)
- Healing (including Anxiety, Guilt, Broken Heart, Stress, Depression and Pain)
- Balance (including Eating and Grounding)
- Health (including Relaxation, Focus, Fatigue and Sleep)
- Happiness (including Peace, Gratitude and Motivation)
- Relationships (including Anger, Couples and Forgiveness)

- Everywhere (including Commuting, Cooking, Riding, Walking and Taking a break)
- SOS (including Burned Out, Frustrated, Losing Temper, Broken Heart and Restore)
- Daily (including Wake Up, Sleep and Review the day)
- Mini
- Breath
- Relax
- Mindfulness
- Calm
- Grounding
- Powerful Nap

???? New functions ????
- Register
You can register your account now, which means that you can check your record of meditation in different equipments now.

- Change language
Now the language of the app can be changed automatically according to the language of the system of your equipment.

- Alarm clock
You can set an alarm clock in the app when you meditate to avoid that it costs you too much time the respite.

Join us on making MEDITATION become a life charger for everyone! Sounds attractive? Come to Peace Meditation app, you’ll have a chance to experience high-quality meditations now.

We are expecting to know your opinions on it so that we can provide you with more satisfying services.
Connect Up:
Facebook Page: https://www.facebook.com/PeaceMeditationAPP/
E-mail: peace@dailyinnovation.biz
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