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Clever Ads Manager - Digital Marketing Campaigns
82 명 참여
Tired of jumping from one platform to another? Get all your digital marketing campaign ads analytics in the same place.

Tracking efficiency and measuring campaign success is now simple, fast and free ????
Gain full control while saving time with Clever Ads Manager, the best reporting app for Google Ads, Facebook Ads, Instagram Ads, Twitter Ads and Microsoft Ads.

A 360° audit on your campaigns performance to show how your ads are running with a full comparison between platforms.

Key features:

-Simple view on main metrics (spend, income, conversions and CPA).
-Check your account's performance with easy graphs.
-Customizable charts.
-KPI’s highlighting unusual changes (positive and negative).
-Google Ads Account Creation.
-Google Ads Campaign Creator.
-Google Ads Campaign Simulator.
-Clever TIPS focused on improving your performance.


-Save time with a quick and simple view.
-Keep track on the go directly on your mobile phone.
-Improve your campaigns with personalized suggestions.
-Understand which of your campaigns & keywords are performing better.

Why should you give it a try?

-Trusted by more than 60K online business.
-Managed more than 55M in Adwords Spend.
-App developed by a Premier Google Partner.

What if I do not have any Adwords campaigns?

Then start running them! If you do not have a Google Ads account create one with us and get a promo code (details in app). Once you have a Google Ads account we can create campaigns for you for free. Complete a three step set up process with information about your products or services, assign a budget and grow your audience easily.

How to get the most out of Clever Ads Manager:

-Make sure to add your different platforms, Adwords, Facebook Ads, Instagram Ads, Twitter Ads and Microsoft Ads to have a complete view of all your different campaigns.
-Check not only Income and Spend but CPA and Conversions as well to have key metrics under your control.
-Take into account the KPI alerts to help improve your campaigns and save time detecting performance gaps.

Interface Walkthrough:

-Home: View a sum of all your digital marketing metrics. A quick view on income and spend for all of them is important to know right away if you have an overall positive or negative result. As well, check CPA and Conversions.

-Insights: Will show you results of campaigns per platform. Check out which one is achieving better results. Is Instagram Ads getting more conversions? Is the Adwords report showing you a higher CPA than Facebook Ads? Discover what is going on with each platform and which one is performing better.

-Campaigns: In depth view of your different ad groups for each platform. Check their status and how efficient they are. How many clicks or impressions were generated.

For Adwords:
The Campaign Simulator will allow you to view a simulated campaign for your business and get a sense of how many visitors you can drive to your website and an average cost per visitor.
If you do not have a Google Ads Account create one with Clever Ads and get a promo code!
Once an account has been created, start running campaigns with Google Ads to grow your business. If you are not sure on how to create a Google Ads campaign, we can create them with our Google Ads Campaign Creator.

-KPI Alerts: Get personalized alerts indicating what campaigns are not performing as well and the reason why. Is it a decrease in conversion or a CPA increment? Discover it for yourself and keep the track.

Create your Google Ads account and campaigns. Simulate Google Ads campaigns before creating them.

Obtain full control of your digital marketing campaigns and save time with Clever Ads Manager!????

Share your feedback: hello@cleverecommerce.com
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