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V-Navi - The full-featured navigation app for Android that brings you quicker to your goal! Works in conjuction with various apps (e.g., "Das Telefonbuch", "Das Örtliche", among others), even free of charge, as conditions may apply.

ATTENTION: Navigation can be started in Germany, Austria, Switzerland and optional in Western Europe.

With the high quality traffic you will get a complete overview of the market. Traffic congestion traffic congestion avoidance. The V-Navi: you will thus always the best route. The traffic density is displayed in red, yellow, green in the map. Germany, Annual, 30 days free of charge with no obligation to buy. Internet connection is required.

The new version of V-Navi works with offboard maps (with limited functionality) to enable immediate navigation after download. The map data for Germany, Austria and Switzerland is downloaded once at the start of the first use of V-Navi (ca. 300 MB). Thereafter, an Internet connection is only necessary for a short time at app-startup.

- Current traffic situation in Germany (INRIX), traffic reports traffic congestion avoidance and traffic density display
- Offboard vector mode after first installation
- Lane info assistant
- Reality view (reality like display of turn actions on motorways)
- Map data is stored on the device
- Quick destination entry (address, points of interest (POIs), favorites, etc.)
- Updates free of charge
- Computation and display of alternate routes
- Display of speed limits and speeding alerts
- Support for portrait and landscape display
- Quick-Menu
- New and ergonomic menu
- Optimized map view
- Save & load itineraries

Destination entry:
- Address entry with an automatic pop-up list of cities, etc.
- Address search by country
- House-number-exact geocoding when online
- POI search
- Destination selection directly on the map
- Entry of destination coordinates and crossroads
- Destination selection from a list of recent destinations and from the favorites list
- Use of contacts in the address book as destinations

- Profiles for car, pedestrians, recreational vehicles and caravans
- Adjustable routing: quickest, shortest
- Voice-guided navigation
- Spoken street names through text-to-speech
- Sinage display (motorway signs)
- Speed-dependent zoom and crossroad-zoom
- Stretch-block: Automatic route recalculation (e.g., for the next 0.5-10 km along the route to avoid a traffic jam)
- Avoidance of motorways, ferries, and tollways
- Itineraries: Management of intermediate stops, saving and loading of itineraries

Map Display and Functionality
- View modes: 3D, 2D in the direction of travel, 2D North up
- Daytime and nighttime view modes, automatic switching (geodaylight)
- Route overview
- Display of POIs with setting of the destination directly from a POI icon on the map

V-Navi may be used free of charge for a test period of 30 days. Numerous applications, such as the telephone directory apps "Das Telefonbuch" and "Das Örtliche" provide you with the means of continuing to use V-Navi free of charge by starting V-Navi directly from within the apps. Please consult the Conditions of Use in each of the respective apps.

The traffic data to 30 days (trial period) are free to use and are then as in-app purchase.

AVAILABLE in-app purchase options (for pricing, see under "In-App Purchases"):
- Traffic data for Germany (INRIX)
- Navigation und maps for Germany, Austria, and Switzerland (D-A-CH)
- Navigation und maps for Western Europe

The map data and navigation for Western Europe cover the following countries:
Germany (D),Austria (A),Switzerland (CH),Liechtenstein,Andorra,Belgium,Denmark,Finnland,France,Great Britain,Ireland,Italy,Luxemburg,Monaco,Netherlands,Norway,Portugal,San Marino,Spain,Sweden

See more at https://www.facebook.com/Map-and-Route-1454577274845960/

You can find our privacy policy here: http://www.v-navi.de/index.php/de/kontakt/privacy-policy
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Map and Route GmbH & Co. KG
자동차 운전 및 주차 시뮬레이터
자동차 운전 및 주차 시뮬레이터
Game Scapes Inc
당신은 운전 배우고 싶어? 당신은 최고의 자동차 운전과 자동차 표류 경험을 즐기고 싶은 경우에 우리는 당신이 길 경우 기술 도시에서 운전 계속됩니다 도시 드리프트 자동차 게임을 제시한다. 당신은 건설 영역을 통해 운전, 복수 등의 타임 트라이얼 등의 문제, 교통 운전에 직면하고 장애물과 장애물을 피하기 위해 운전합니다. 당신이 궤도에 완벽한 표류과 완벽한 실행을위한 포인트를 얻을 경우 게임의 역학은 매우 흥미 롭다. 당신이 주차를하고도 훌륭한 운전 연습을 얻을 수 배울 구동 수업을위한 좋은 시뮬레이터입니다. 이 운전과 주차 게임은 학교를 구동하는 당신에게 환경을 제공하고, 운전 학원의 개념은 운전을 배우는 데 도움이 될 것입니다.

당신은 매뉴얼 자동차 을 게임을 구동하기 위해 찾고 계십니까? 경우에하는 것은 예 다음의 당신에게 더 나은 운전 경험을 이끌다 것이 게임을 운전하는 수동 차를 통해 구동 차량의 여행을 시작하자. 이 훈련 학교에서 실제 자동차 운전, 자동차 운전과 당신이 재생됩니다 주차 같은 사용할 수 교훈을 많은 운전. 당신의 운전 면허증을 운전하고 자동차 경주 시뮬레이터에 방학을 즐길 수 배웁니다. 다양한 운전대 자동차 운전 수준은 전문가 및 전문 드라이버를 만들 것입니다.

루에다를 켜고 다른 자동차 운전 게임 온라인 대이 자동차 운전 게임을 시도 할 수 있도록하는 난봉꾼을 회전. 이 차량 시뮬레이터는 당신에게 기술 도시의 거리에 근육 자동차, 빈티지 자동차, 해치백, 4 × 4 지프와 대형 트럭을 운전 할 수있는 기회를 제공 할 것입니다. 당신은 또한 당신이 타이어, 충격, 엔진, 터보 및 많은 다른 여러 자동차 부품을 조립하여 차를 꿈을 구축하기 위해 변화를 얻을 것이다. 원활이 위대한 여행을 통해 당신을 데려 갈 것이다 서사시 차 문자를 확인하기 위해 자동차의 프로필을 구축 할 수 있습니다. 속도 떠 다니는 현상은 게임 캐릭터를 구축하는 인센티브를 제공 할 것입니다.
Limousine Taxi Car Driving Free Games
Limousine Taxi Car Driving Free Games
Apocalyptic Games
Do you like driving limo taxi cars in the mountains and hilly areas? Yes, you will really like it. Here is the best luxury limo taxi car to do taxi cab duty in the mountains. Once you drive it people will turn their head and look at you with surprise. You have to start the limousine taxi car driving and stop the car at the passenger’s station where the tourists or passengers will be waiting for the limo taxi car. It is the summer season and tourists from various places come to visit the historical and famous scenic places in the mountains.
As a limo taxi cab driver you can pick up those tourists and leave them in beautiful places in the mountains so that they can enjoy the hilly areas. It is time to show your driving skills as steep paths and sharp turns in mountains and mountainous areas are very dangerous and driving a limousine taxi on such dangerous routes is full of thrills.
Tourists are fast and want fast transportation facilities so that they can save their time by visiting more places in less time. Like a taxi or limo taxi you have to perform your duty for the tourists. For the first time Limo Car Hill Driving is here for your entertainment with complete smooth and realistic controls. Running 4x4 limousine cars in the mountains is full of fun and entertainment.
If you play this mountain hill car driving game and drive it carefully then you will become expert car driver. Many people want to enjoy luxury limousine taxi car driving in the mountains and this limousine luxury car hill driving game is specially developed for those people. Once they drive this limousine taxi, they will really like driving it.
You have to follow the instructions and map to reach the destination. This new car game 2020 is very simple to play. Simple smooth and easy controls to enjoy real time new car driving game. By playing this limo passenger hill driving game you will get real-time experience
Dozens of levels of limousine are available to enjoy in the car hill driving game with thrill adventure and increasing danger. If you want to become a car driving expert then complete all levels successfully.
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