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99 Names of Allah with Audio & Meaning offline mp3
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Allah SWT 99 names of Allah which are Also called 'Asma Ul Husna' in Arabic which means The Most Beautiful names In the month of Ramadan/Ramzan you can read and listen 99 names of Allah beautiful names for the sake of Sawab (Arabic: أسماء الله الحسنى‎, ) also known as The 99 Qualities and attributes of Allah SWT, according to Islamic, are the names of Allah disclosed by the Creator(Allah) in the Holy Qur'an.
Benifits of Allah names:
The Prophet Muhammad SAW (PBUH) said, "Allah almighty has ninety-nine Names, and who memorized 99 names all by heart will enter Paradise (Jannah)." who will count them with full of heart.
* Features of (99 names of Allah).
-All 99 names of Allah are in List .
-Play audio 99 names of Allah with beautifull voice & animation.
-99 names of Allah with short and detailed discription .
-Just click on playing 99 names of Allah to stop audio and again tap to resume it.
The 99 names of Allah are written in Arabic Also meanings of each name and audio according to the names plays Asma ul Husna, 99 names of Allah the beautiful Gloriuos 99 names and attributes of Allah SWT with english translation and detailed deccription. 99 Names of Allah app consist of perfect Audio and beautiful Allah names. Recite 99 names of Allah any time with beautiful audio voice Memorize in heart the 99 names of Allah with meaning and translation of each name of Allah.
Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) said that “one who memorizes all the 99 names of Allah will be awarded paradise. (Jannah)”.(AsmaUlHusna) 99 Names of ALLAH mobile app is the most simple and most beautiful Islamic app to make all Muslims love Islamand love Allah SWT
Tasbeeh Counter:
Also a very beautifull and useful feature Real tasbeeh Counter the telly Counter ,tasbeeh is very simple and has small functions like sound on counting,vibration on counting and also you can dissable vibration and can mute sound in real tasbeeh counter with your choice.,real tasbeeh will also save the value of you dhikar/zikar when you close or leave the app.Real tasbeeh counter has beautiful sound upon counting,tasbih has also led feature to do dhikar/zikar in night mode.
Qibla compass:
Qibla finder is a GPS compass accordin to location which helps to find Qibla /mecca/kaaba location from anywhere in the world. Qibla compass use your current location Gps to find accurate Qibla location. Find Mecca/Qibla direction from any location. Qibla finder ,where some one can find easily Qibla direction to offer ,Qibla compass with GPS will find Kaaba/Qibla location very faster and easily .
Below are Features of Qibla Finder App
✓ attractive and user friendly interface Qibla finder App
✓ The qibla location finder is easy to use
✓ Qibla finder with Beautiful 99 names of Allah in Arabic and english Mp3 audio
✓ It tells Current location according to Latitude, longitude .
✓ Kaaba is heading toward Qibla direction

Duain/Rosary App Contains:
Doroode Ibrahimi
Dua Rosary e Qanoot
Dua During Ruku
Everyday Dua
After leaving toilet
Dua for rain after and before
Dua before Sleeping
Fear of Comitting Shirk
Masnoon Azkar Subah Sham Azkar-are specially for morning time and there are some duas and Qurani verses which have their effect for the beginning of the day, the Subah Sham Ke Azkar-Masnoon Azkar azkar make you feel whole day calm.Daily Masnoon Duain arevery essential Qurany duain which are compulsary on daily bases on different places and different occasion funeral,bath,sleeping,drinking and eating,Islamic Duain.
Dua for istikhara
Dua for justic
Dua for parents
Adha/Azaan Alrm:
New Adhan/Azaan feature of 5 time with adhan Alrm in different Qari feature is very usefull to everyone 5 time adhan alarm according to location all around the world ,automatic azan/adhan alarm on every adhan is very useful for every muslim in daily routeen .athan is as alarm of this app which is call at 5 time dailly according adhan time.
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