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Realization set in, my face morphing into shock.
He closed his eyes as his head hung in shame, feeling that wave of guilt coursing through his system.

Manning up, he explained the situation to the pack, but not before we had a private conversation in the driveway. That conversation left me broken, shattered, lying on the gravel driveway as he made his way inside to check on her.

He has a responsibility to do the right thing now, and I'm the one who has to suffer.

I continued to watch as he set her plate down in front of her, her brown eyes squinting as she smiled up at him with happiness. He returned the smile, but it didn't reach his eyes.

I know him. Ever since I was a baby, I've known him. That wasn't his happy smile.

That could have been me down there, eating with him.

If he had never gone to our northern allying pack this summer to train, it would be me down there with him.

He's the Alphas first born son, the future Alpha.

Every future alpha is expected to spend their summer at a different allying pack to train with the other warriors and Alphas. They do this to become a strong leader and learn all the different methods there are to being a warrior, making them a supreme Alpha.

He began leaving for the summer when he was eighteen, a year after his first shift. Future Alpha's spend their first year training with their own pack, learning from their own Alpha. This was his third year of training. There was only one more year left until he would be considered ready to take over if anything happened to his father, the current Alpha.

Now the goal of finding his mate, his Luna, had been shattered by the lust that he hadn't managed to restrain.
The one thing every future Alpha dreams of is finding their true, moon-given mate, and that was thrown down the drain for one night of uninhibited passion.
The thought sickens me to my core.

And to think, I saved myself for him, my mate.

Two weeks.

It has been two weeks since he arrived back home.

It's been two weeks since my first shift celebration, the night I discovered he was mine.

Two weeks that I've been broken inside, not healing - staying the same.

He was a full-grown Alpha male. I may be just seventeen, a juvenile, but I could see the love in his sky blue eyes the night he discovered I was his mate.
There was shock written on his face, then happiness, followed by alarm and guilt. He couldn't know what I was to him until I shifted into my own wolf, even after all these years of our families being so closely knit.

Now it was too late.

My soul shattered that night, standing in front of him as we cried together, no one around to hear our words.

He was sorry, but I was broken.

How could my mate be so selfish to have let this happen? How could he have risked this? This one moment, defining of both our lives.

I felt my vision blur, their forms becoming fuzzy as the tears welled up in my eyes.

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