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Tiny Pixel Farm
Speed Alarm & Dashcam
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Use GPS to monitor your actual speed and give you sound/voice/flashlight alarms when you exceed a speed that you asked it to watch. Record video and take pictures as a dashcam.

Important notice to Huawei users: If our app keeping display search GPS on your phone, most likely it is your phone hardware / firmware issue, because many Huawei users reported their phone has weak GPS issues. Please contact Huawei for support.

Unique Features:
* Two options to save the recorded video data:
Option 1: Cache the recorded video data into TF card or phone internal storage by temp files. The temp files will be deleted if exceeds the time specified, and the files can be kept when you manually tap the save button, or the app detects crash events.

Option 2: Cache recorded video data into RAM. This method will not write any data to TF card util you manually tap the save button, or the app detects crash events. So it will protected your TF card or phone internal storage memory from writing too much data of temp files.

* Can record video and take pictures in the background, even turn off screen. Use the accelerometer sensor to detect crash events, and starting saving recorded videos automatically.

* Control app by voice commands: Change speed limit, start/stop recording video, start/stop taking pictures. The voice commands can be recognized online or offline. If you are driving in city please use online mode since more accurate, if you are driving countryside or highway please use offline mode since it is much faster and stable. The voice commands can be triggered by clicking physical button, or two-fingers tapping on the speed panel.

* Speed can be displayed as digital or analog.

* Enable Floating window, you will have a floating window above all other applications. So you can use Speed Alarm with other navigation applications at the same time (This app will float above the navigation application UI)

* Enable HUD (Head-up Display) mode, you can project speed information on your car front windshield

* Directly turn ON/OFF alarms on the main screen, or only turn ON flashlight alarm when you have baby or other passengers sleeping in the car during driving

* Supports speed by km/h and mph, can display your current actual speed and altitude

* Can display GPS date time and altitude on the screen

* Supports 9 different alarm sounds, can use customized .mp3 file for sound alarm

* Max 8 buttons for 8 different speed limitations

* Black theme with strong contrast, working perfectly under bright and dark environment

* Slide the speed panel left/right to adjust brightness, or up/down to adjust volume

* Auto start app when Android device boot up, and auto start the service when app launched

* Auto start app when power connected (Android version < 6.0), and close app when power disconnected.
How to use this function: Connect charge cable to your android phone with power supply, and hang it on your car front windshield vertically in 10 seconds, the app will start automatically

* Supported languages: English, Chinese, German, French, Spanish, Portuguese, Japanese, Russian

This app DOES NOT detect the speed radar and cameras, please follow the speed limit symbol on the road to drive safely.

If this app can help you please donate us by the "Remove Ad" menu to support continue developing. After pay all the ads will be removed.

Since there are many functions please read our online manual to help you to play:

Suggestions and bug report please send email to:
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82 명 참여
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