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oneapp - For Society Management & Online ordering
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Here we present one super-app to offer you every digital convenience for a comfortable and sorted living.

Need to pay utility bills? Go to oneapp
Need to connect with the society office? Go to oneapp
Need to check the visitor's log to your flat? Go to oneapp
Need to check on your domestic help's entry? Go to oneapp
Need to video call your family in another city? Go to oneapp
Need to conduct your yoga class online? Go to oneapp
Need to find an easy-peasy recipe for today's dinner? Go to oneapp
Need to order veggies? Go to oneapp
Need to restock groceries for the month? Go to oneapp
No mood of cooking, but wanna eat healthy? Go to oneapp

#RahoAllSorted with oneapp!

The features are neatly grouped and collated under suitable Cards within the app to help you find them easily. The dashboard offers a clear map to each card and its features within.

onemeet: Emergency society meeting or AGM. Video chatting with friends or calling a business meeting. Now everything is easy and sorted with onemeet.

myflat: The card to get you sorted with your responsibilities and duties towards your home and housing society like paying society maintenance bills, utility bills, connect to your society office & much more

myvisitor: Tracking visitors to your flat was never easier before. With my visitor card, access visitors’ log of your flat anytime right on your mobile phone. Get notified every time a visitor turns up, & accept or reject a visitor with the in-app notification right in oneapp

recipe book: The one place to find recipes and share your own. Find recipes as per your taste, ingredients, bookmark recipes for later referencing. Add your own recipes and share with others in one click.

Shopping: This section is fully dedicated to everything you may need to buy. Just buy online - Groceries, vegetables & much more, easily and from the comfort of your home from the local listed stores to support & be vocal about local

Restaurants: This section caters to your taste-bud and promotes your local restaurants. Find all your nearby and neighbourhood restaurants, cafes and eateries in oneapp. Order from them easily and get delivered online.

Homestyle food: Find the local tiffin services catering & subscribe easily or order an one-time meal with oneapp

The app requires certain access permissions to your device for functioning. However, we don’t want to scare you and try to be as transparent as possible. Please read to know what permission are required and for what purpose:

Contacts: To allow you to invite your friends and relatives to your home while pre-authorizing guests for entry pass at the gate or adding domestic help for tracking.

Camera/Gallery: To allow you to add your photographs to the user profile. Also to add pictures of your domestic help and recipes while adding to the recipe book section.

Storage: To save the picture you set as your profile.
Messages: To validate the user's phone and send/ receive OTP for authentication.

Data Security:
As a company, we do follow some ethics such that we follow a righteous path while serving our customers. We do not indulge in Data Trading. We understand the importance with which we are entrusted with such a huge amount of data by our users. We will never indulge into any dealing that requires compromising the information and hence your trust. We are absolutely against any hidden revenue generation with our user’s data.

Securing your data is our responsibility!
We strictly follow a 3-layered data security model to offer our users maximum protection and safeguard against any data compromise.

Layer 1 – Each society, retail store, restaurant, business database is isolated from others.
Layer 2 - Privacy protection at admin level.
Layer 3 - Each user gets individual privacy control.

Welcome to oneapp, the one place for all the benefits of a digital lifestyle.
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82 명 참여
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