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Makeup Camera: Selfie Editor & Beauty Makeup
82 명 참여
❥ One-touch to have makeup images. You just need to create a nice idea, the camera of Makeup Camera will automatically edit

???? Do you want a photo beauty effects with dazzling eyes, smooth skin and rosy lips? Do you want to have beautiful images, but you do not know the makeup picture editor or do not have much time to edit photo carefully? Makeup Camera with smart facial detection gives you the most true-to-life makeup application in real-time or on photos. Mix and match hundreds of different makeup and beauty products to find the perfect look for every occasion. Discover and share all the latest trends, full of makeup tutorials, and the hottest fashion news.

❥ Makeup Camera keep your skin healthy and radiant

⛳️ Whenever, wherever, snap your candy filter selfie and make up your photo to be more beautiful. Makeup Camera help add blush & remove shine to show a pristine face. Skin smoother and toner revives tired and discoloured skin. Dye your own hair any color you want with the most realistic hair dye tool! Try out hairstyles ranging from long and curly to short and straight with our hairstyle changer. Make your photo more unique with many amazing effects: Halloween, flower, party, eye roll, fashion, celebrity...

❥ Even though it is a photo makeover app, the camera will still help to keep the most natural facial features.

???? Give yourself a glamorous look, and tune your face by using various makeup options. Recommend this app also to your friends looking for makeup and makeover. Makeup Camera supports natural I makeup also. In the case of natural eye makeup, this app shows eye makeup step by step. This face editor can be used as a teeth whitening app also.

❥ Easily adjust or change your skin tone, to give yourself a perfect effortless tan

???? Have you ever thought of makeup without going to a beauty parlour or a beauty salon? Then you can do this by using face beauty makeup kit or face editor. Specially designed for selfie lovers who can't stop clicking, make your photos lively and colourful with fantastical filters on hole pic or part of it. Try on makeup in real-time with our amazing Makeup Camera to apply complete looks almost before taking a photo


✔ Smart face recognition
✔ Slim face editor: V-line fashionable face
✔ Makeup camera
✔ Take a photo with a touch
✔ Slim nose face photo editor
✔ Automatic makeup after taking pictures
✔ Beauty camera and photo filters
✔ Natural makeup images
✔ Photo whitening skin: smooth skin photo editor
✔ Face whitening with Makeup Cam
✔ 100+ makeup photo filters and effects
✔ Over 20 colors: Brush, eyes and lips give you the freedom to create stylish makeup apps that makeover your photo
✔ Combination of eyebrow editor men
✔ Easy photo edit smile
✔ Makeup Cam that makes you look good
✔ High image quality for beauty selfie camera with photo editor
✔ Glamour shots app for your pictures
✔ Beautiful makeup camera free app interface
✔ Small beauty photo editor application capacity, fast loading
✔ Free eye makeup app photo editor with eyebrow
✔ Save high quality and share quickly via social networks
✔ Nice interface, easy to use beauty skin editor app
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82 명 참여
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