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CamScanner is a powerful application for scanning documents. Anywhere and anytime, scan, save and archive. Managing and searching has never been so easy.

CamScanner is a must-have application for business travelers, being available to send scans to customers even when you are out of the office.

Auto enhancing makes the PDF look clear and sharp.

In CamScanner PDF generation is completely offline and requires no internet connection. It saves your PDF file in history and in the list of recently used documents.

The documents scanned in CamScanner are not uploaded to any server for any processing. Document recognition in the photos after scanning is done on the device.

Using Camscanner you can scan almost anything, be it documents, invoices, notes, or business cards, all into PDFs.

Indeed CamScanner simplifies your Life.

CamScanner is a dead simple app to use, capable of beautiful scan quality. Best of all, it’s totally free.

So what are you waiting for?? Download CamScanner for free today and simplify your life!!

How to Use CamScanner ?

Use options in the top bar to scan, click or choose photos from gallery.
The “Create PDF” tab shows the documents/scans that will be included in the PDF.
The “Recent Files” tab shows the recently used documents/scans.
The “History” tab shows recently generated PDF files.
In the “Create PDF” tab, use the options button for additional options.
“Generate PDF” button generates PDF file using the files in the first tab

◆◆◆◆ CamScanner Features ◆◆◆◆

❖ No subscription charges - unlimited scans, shares and document creation, absolutely free!

❖ Choose documents from your gallery or scan/click photos from camera.

❖ Works completely offline - no online servers.

❖ Convert multiple images into single PDF.

❖ Maintains file history.

❖ Open the PDF with any PDF viewer.

❖ Enhance the visibility of your documents after scanning using built in effects

❖ Easily share your PDF file via email.

❖ Saves your document in process, so you can start over from where you left.

Feel free to review your experience with the CamScanner app. Do leave your thoughts on the CamScanner app.

We will be grateful to hear your opinions and improve - whenever needed - in future versions!

Keep scanning with CamScanner!!
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