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Microwave Oven Recipes in Hindi
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Latest Microwave Oven Recipes in Hindi 2018!!

If you are using your microwave just for baking or making food hot, this app is for you. Cooking food in microwave is great fun, it is extremely easy and very much automated.

You can cook nearly all Indian dishes using microwave only. If you are planning to purchase microwave, before you purchase, get well aware of dishes you can cook with microwave. Easy steps and easy set of ingredients which are easily available in market.

the first ever Microwave app for Android smartphones. This app has the largest collection of Indian and Continental recipes, with more than 300+ Auto cook and over 50+ conventional recipes customized for Microwave Ovens.

We offer to you a lot of microwave recipes: baked recipes in the microwave, main dishes recipes in the microwave, sweet dishes recipes in the microwave, snacks recipes and other recipes in the microwave.

All microwave recipes are presented with simple and detailed instructions and photo.

Yummy baking recipes in the microwave: recipes of cupcakes in the microwave, biscuit recipes in the microwave, cake recipes, recipes of fruit pies, brownie recipes in the microwave, sweet bread recipes, recipes of muffins in the microwave, etc.;

- Recipes of hot sandwiches in the microwave;
- Recipes of baked potatoes in the microwave;
- A lot of recipes of barbecue in the microwave;
- Quick recipes of omelets for breakfast in the microwave;
- Recipes of lasagna in the microwave;
- Recipes of soups in the microwave;
- Other recipes of simple and quick dishes in the microwave and much more!

This unique app offers incredible features and benefits:
- An interactive recipe search by ingredients. Now find a recipe, based on ingredients available at home.
- An interactive oven panel detailing important product features for ease of use.
- Save your favorite recipes for quick access, anytime.
- Integrated Timer – Now you don’t have to wait in the kitchen while your favourite autocook recipe is being prepared. Just sit back and relax, and let the app remind you about the next steps with mobile alerts.

Please install and share the app with your friends and family. We hope this app will help you. Please don't forget to rate us and add your comments.
Your advises are always welcomed. We are always there to act your comments and give high importance to our audience.
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