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Boxing Promoter - Boxing Game , Fighter Management
82 명 참여
This game will allow you to sit at home, relax, enjoy your free time and fight off all the tension and frustration. The best part is that this boxing game won’t force you to be on the field and get your hands dirty.

But, do not that that fool you! You will still feel like you’re in the boxing ring, and get the same amount of adrenalin rush that an actual ring would make you feel. With our boxer game, you will get the latest news in the field of boxing and have the opportunity to be a coach. (Besides, this can help you train as a real time boxing coach who is looking to change the life of a rookie street fighter!)

You will get to create your own team of fighters, manage their careers and take on rivals. Image the thrill! It’s almost like you’re training your own kin to fight for you and win you a BOXING CHAMPIONSHIP.

What’s more? This game will give you a full time job as a new fight night promoter. You will be assigned your own set of fighters, and you are responsible for finding the best coaches for them. You can also be the coach yourself, and train your fighters to the best of your abilities. This way, you can develop and create your personal boxing empire!
With our fight promote game, you will be thrust into a world of established boxing promoters, you’re going to need to work smart to progress.

► Build a stable

Hire new boxers of different levels and help them build their legacies. That’s a lot of work? Or is it? You have the full power to interview, check, and test the potential of your team. Just ensure to pick the best of the lot, and ones who can really put up a fight.

► Manage your team

Fighting manager sounds like a lot of hassle? Well, not on our watch! With Boxing Promoter, you can surround yourself with amazing staff, including coaches, matchmakers and PR managers. This will give you the full real-time experience of managing your own boxing team. Not only can you improve your marketing skills, but also, you are privy to all the latest boxing news around the globe.

► Create Fight Nights

With the responsibility of the boxing coach, you will be able to put on shows which entertain and amaze the crowds. You can manage the PR, and find the right matchmakers to put your bet on. With the right skills and talents, you can earn a lot of money along with participating in the best fighting games of your lifetime.

► Watch them fight

Another perk of being a boxing coach is watching your team fight. It will give you an acute sense of satisfaction to see all of your boxers fight, from undercard through to the main event. And help then with their game-plans before the bouts. You can motivate them, energize them and give teach them last minute tips and tricks to tackle their opponent both with brain and brawn.

► Move them up the ladder

To win the Title boxing championship, you team will need to compete with 5 weight divisions all with 4 levels to box at from women’s lightweight to men's heavyweight, from domestic titles to world glory, you’re with them every step of the way. So, it’s much like bringing up your child and watching them succeed after months of dedicated boxing training.

► Amazing new artwork

All of the characters have their own image, personality and ranking. Choose wisely and the championship is yours.

► Battle rival promoters

Other established promoters will try and keep you grounded, show them who the boss is by showcasing your ultimate boxing training. You can use your own tips and tricks, motivate your team, and help them recuperate in case they falter and wear down. Remember true motivation and hard work is what will give you a miracle.

► Available in multiple languages

You do not speak English! Do not worry! Now you can play the game in SIX different languages.
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82 명 참여
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2021년 03월 30일
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