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High Jump Car Crash Simulator: Impossible Ramps 3D
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Welcome to high speed car crash with crazy jumps crashes! In which show your beam ng driving skills on high ramps. Now time to open ragdoll challenge with luxury vehicles in car crash simulator. And prove you are champion of long ramps in this High Jump Car Driving 2020: Impossible Stunts 3D.

Take charge of ragdoll challenge & be a dummy crash master. Jump from top of high ramp & crash vehicle. Before starting mission first take test drive on the ramp. Select your favorite vehicle from garage & start challenge with own choice ramps. Number of ramps available with high speed jumps crashes compilation in car crash simulator. Test your driving skills & prove ever most stunt master with maximum crash. Chance to demolish traffic on the ramp & drive your car freely with bullet speed on city highways in realistic mode.

Get ready to crash & car smash with multiple vehicles? Enjoy with rag-doll challenge on top of the ramps. No doubt before this you have played many crash challenges. But now enjoy high speed jumps with epic crashes that will creates fun. Chose best ramps with realistic mod. And crashed everything on the way. Collect all coins & speed bumps for unlock heavy vehicles, truck bikes & long buses.

Become a real stuntman to perform the most top ramps driving. For ragdoll crashes just take challenge & try to complete each ramp driving skills with maximum speed & get coins to unlock new heavy vehicles. Play as a brave driver as these sturdy large ramp into each other. Smash and destroy rival vehicles to disable them. Now buckle up and fasten your seat belts as your car smash your way to victory and become the next big rag-doll challenge master 2020. Download this Car Crash Beam Jump 3D: Ragdoll Challenge 2020 and prove that you are a real ramp jumper. Don't forget to rate us. Your reviews and feedback are important for us to create more exciting and challenging games.

Features of High Jump Car Crash Simulator: Impossible Ramps 3D

- Heavy engine acceleration with addictive game play
- Different environments to give the realistic feel.
- Realistic drift physics with High-quality vehicles
- Real car jumper & Ragdoll Challenge 2020
- Immersive 3D graphics and amazing sounds
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2020년 10월 05일
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Gimmick Games
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