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Tiny Pixel Farm
Death Island - clicker of your dreams!
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???? "Death Island - Death Island" is an easy, fun and incredibly addictive game. Here you can click on opponents with one finger and steer the whole game with one touch. Therefore, if you love clicker games with upgrades, bosses and addictive gameplay - join us!

What do we have to do? Kill mobs with one finger. You need to click on the enemy as often and quickly as possible, kill them in order to earn money.
You can even pump up your fingers, well, or stretch them before or after school. These are not your usual clicker games. Here, playing with bosses who are clearly strong and incredibly beautiful, you need to try hard to overcome them in the head of a deadly battle, with your hard-working fingers. Your money will be replenished automatically if you kill mobs and receive a unique currency for each super boss. Buy rewards for unique currency and just enjoy!

????How to play so as not to lose?
- Improvement and pumping, many upgrades;
- Offline game mode, if you like the coolest offline games, you can play without wifi or other connection.
- Buy pumping abilities;
- Click faster on the screen while you have time;
- Kill mobs by clicking;
- Save energy;

⚡Problems: ⚡
- Click very quickly so that time does not run out, or life will be restored;
- Keep track of energy - this is a valuable consumable that you still need;
- Kill super bosses every 10 levels, and get a special currency;
- To kill a super boss, you need to try hard, not to let the cloud with health reach him, destroying the cloud with a click;
- Reset after completing to raise more bucks!

????Additional function:
- Easy to play, simple game design;
- Supported tablet device;
- Fascinating minimalistic game for all ages;
- Manage to receive, exchange gifts every week for something interesting;
- Collect bucks for each super boss and exchange them for rewards!

????????Enjoy the best game, call your friends, get more bonuses and increase your chances of getting more rewards!

If you liked the game, then leave a good review: we will be grateful :)
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