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VR Cinema Player - Irusu
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Irusu VR Cinema Player is the ultimate vr video player for virtual reality videos that gives you full control and an Imax Screen feeling.

The VR Cinema Player includes 360 Video vr player ( or 360 Movie vr player ) and vr 3D SBS movie player, apart from regular 2D vr player.

Watch Favorite shows, videos, movies on Youtube without any ads.

Get the most immersive virtual reality experience with our Irusu VR Cinema Player with Spatial Surround sound that gives you a 3D Dolby like surround sound system.

The Best vr video player App that is compatible with cardboard with latest Google VR SDK ( GVR ), that gives improved vr movie experience without any lag on smartphones.

Get a virtual reality effect like Imax screen or Big Theater screen with SEAT SELECTION, which most of the vr players miss or come at an additional cost.
Seat Selection gives the user a very good option to view the movie from different angles and screen sizes with at most impressiveness.

This vr player is great if you want to experience theater or cinema experience at your home. Get any VR headset and start using our Irusu VR Cinema Player App to watch vr movies / mobile Videos / WhatsApp videos etc.

With the latest software Development Kit, our VR Cinema Player supports - 4K video, 2K video, automatic Aspect ratio adjustment, Dual Audio support, more optimized UI, More smooth controls and easy refresh media. It supports all type of Google Cardboard, Irusu VR headsets, vr box, Shinecon VR, virtual reality headset.
With advanced video rendering algorithms, the VR movies will be played smoothly without any lag ( Smartphones with reasonable processing power ).

New features in the recent update :

1. VR 3D SBS vr video player: Now the VR Movie player supports 3D SBS videos.

2. VR 360 Video vr movie player: Now the vr player supports 360 Movies or 360 Videos.

3. Improved GUI for easy navigation in between VR Movie player, VR SBS vr player and VR 360 Player.

Features :

1. One of the biggest Screen sizes with immersive Imax / Big Cinema theater experience.

2. Seat Selection for a convenient viewing experience at different angles.

3. 3D surround sound with Spatial audio technology for a breathtaking sound experience.Strap on to your headphones to get completely immersed in VR Cinema Theater.

4. Video Seek bar for easy navigation to the desired time in a movie.

5. Re-center screen option so that user can click on any side to re-center screen for his comfort.

6. Advanced video rendering algorithm for a smooth video vr player that can support 4K video, 2K video, and many other file formats.

7. Simple and clean GUI for easy control on the movie. More updates are coming soon in terms of total control in near future.

Enjoy our Irusu VR Cinema App and we will be bringing more support in near future with support to 360, 3D SBS videos and lot more on GUI, all at a free cost. We will be making Irusu VR Cinema App as the best VR Cinema Player for the android mobiles.

We would love to hear from you on any feedback and would try to implement as much as possible.

Please write your emails at Support@irusu.co.in.
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