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MilGrasp Student & Parent
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Schools become tech-savvy !!

MilGrasp Student is the school management software build to bridge the gap between parents, students, teachers and administrators. Often it is seen that parents are not in a loop of what is going in the school. MilGrasp Student tries to make communication between school and parents much more easier. And also the internal coordination of the school can be easily managed by Milgrasp Student . Every minute details related to school will be updated to you through this app even if you are not in within the school premises.

Following are some of the Features:
Feature Story:
The module of feature story adds all the achievements???? by students that can be viewed by all the users. Memorable moments is shared to all users with in the blink of an eye.
???? Isn’t it amazing to get all the information of library books with one feature itself. The module of library shows the list of all the books maintained in library. The worklist of the librarian is done in a better and efficient way without consuming much time.
???? Have you thought about chat within a school software application? MilGrasp Student gives you a special feature of intrachat to have conversation with app users. School admins can make different groups in milgrasp if needed.
Work Calendar:
???? Work Calendar is a feature where all the tasks are allocated to a particular user which are supposed to be performed. A user can add tasks for himself as well for other user as per the permissions given.

MilGrasp Student is always trying to make the process of school management easy and efficient. It is the revolutionary feature made to connect all the people associated with School. MilGrasp Student is available on all the three platforms i.e Web, Android and iOS. MilGrasp till date comprises of almost 60 modules.

Stay updated with us on https://milgrasp.com/.
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