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MZANSI: Breaking News & Videos
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Get All latest trending News, Videos, Gossip, Entertainment, Health, Sports and Politics news from all corners of South Africa.

???? Mzansi News app is a free, data-saving, convenient daily newspaper app to be updated on the most trending and popular news / daily info of South Africa (Mzansi) and the world.

???? With Mzansi News app you can read:????
Latest and breaking news of South Africa (SA), Africa and the world news, stories abroad.
Read national news on the hottest topics and stories: from political, Health, Sports, Economic, Business news to recent news in celebrities’ lives. we provides you with ‘News that matters“.

???? Entertainment news????
Don’t miss the latest stories, gossips, buzzes about your favorite stars, celebs, artist and other famous people. Be ready to read hot interviews and revelations of celebrities.

???? All Sports news: read current international and local sports news/happenings, especially soccer/football and cricket news. Stay on top of Champions league news and share them with friends!

???? Lifestyle and everyday stories, social issues: stay informed on daily trending news in your surroundings: read stories about weddings, luxury life, drama stories, land expropriations, rich kids, pastors’ stories,personal life stories, relations, rumors, extraordinary inventions and share emotions on local TV shows, series. Don’t miss news headlines on local heroes and other stories on our app and news site.

???? Local news/stories: be aware of up-to-date stories from our news portal on happenings in your province: Video and photo reports: we share with you only exclusive photo/image and video content.

???? Features :????
✅ Get instant news alerts/news notifications not to miss the hottest news articles and trending stories and news today;
✅ Read news today and save important SA news link in your app with bookmarks function. In such a way you can read news offline and save money on the internet;
✅ You can save your top news in "Bookmarks" section;
✅ share information on breaking news to social networks;
✅send the hottest stories to friends;
✅Simple, beautiful, easy and faster than most of the South Africa News Apps

???? Download MZANSI news app now and stay up-to-date with major South African news!
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